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2 years ago

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after my "second oldest man takes me " the story - there was ahtube another man more than last week. It was nearly sixty years - and now in his forties. Would be arranged so that a known gay dogging in the area to meet ahtube in the middle of the day. He asked if I was dressed as a girl and said he wanted to fuck my ahtube ass and see me swallow his semen. I was very excited and trembling, while dressed in my wife 's skirt, thick ahtube black stockings and my shoes black with a cute pink hooded top. Then I put my clothes on top of which the forest is gone. State ID asked if waiting in his car for a few minutes, I had the opportunity to " ready" for it. He was there when I got there, and was passed a few cars, but went into the woods, scared but very excited and very hot. I found a quiet place and put my own clothes and dressed like a girl waiting for this old man comes to me and use. Even with one foot crossed to the other, to do what a teenager. He looked at me and laughed, but about to fall on me, QuicKly undo his pants and pulled out his huge cock, I swear it was about 9 or 10 inches and 2 inches thick. On his knees, he said, and I have no doubt, and put his cock in my mouth at once. I sucked it all and then I lickd gag, trying ahtube to get everything, but it was too big. He laughed, I choked. Then I took off my feet and turned around and said " touch your toes. " bend his fingers probing my ass me thro the cracks in my socks, I was once. Id also greased up the ass before. Then I felt that ending the great bell, pressing ahtube against my hole and it hurt like hell, ahtube as he tried to get up, but it was too big for me though is I guess in an inch. pulling me, he said, very ill just cum in fucking mouth bitch. So they knelt before him and licked the tip, while masturbating in front of me. Some pre -cum and licked Lick It Up said Sweet taste wonderful. then it has masturbated over and almost yelled " open your fucking mouth "and then a thick beam hit the front and met my gaze, then sprayed another 3 or 4 times in my mouth. I kept my mouth open so he could see on my tongue. My eyes sting, but all said and then he got me on the rack and went again, I was an elderly man, once again, I love addict to the older -.. now....

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